Shepherds Conference 2024 General Session 7

March 7, 3:30 p.m. 
Speaker: Abner Chou
Topic: Truth Triumphs Through Perseverance
Passage: Daniel 7:1–14


Message Summary: 

One of the keys to perseverance is this reality: truth triumphs. When we find ourselves in trials, we don’t look to ourselves, to our own wisdom, ability, or resources. Instead, we look to Christ. We look to His glory, His majesty, and His person. And we look to His ultimate victory. What compels us in our hardest moments is the full confidence that truth will triumph in the end—that God will triumph in the end.

All of God’s plan is moving through history to a particular outcome—to a moment when truth will triumph. This is the moment we are all waiting for. And that waiting compels us, it gives us perspective, and it gives us perseverance.

In Daniel 7, Daniel has a vision that contains three realities to help us understand this moment when truth triumphs:

1. All History Is Waiting for This Moment (7:1–8)

 God reveals a vision to Daniel to give him certainty of what God is going to cause to happen. It is designed to give him perseverance until the moment he is waiting for. 

The imagery of Daniel’s vision in chapter 7 parallels the imagery of Genesis 1 because the end will match the beginning. 

Genesis 1 has given us a thesis: this is the way the world was made, and there is a man, Adam, who is destined to rule over this world. Since the fall of Adam, the fall of creation, heaven has asked a question of all of world history: Who is the one who fulfills creation? Who is the destiny of this world? Who will be the last Adam? 

 In Daniel 7, God gives us the answer to these questions, showing us who will fulfill these promises.

God shows Daniel kingdom after kingdom, presenting the earth’s top contenders for who might be the last Adam. The earth proposes its top 4 mighty ones. Each of these contenders is powerful, but ultimately, each of them fades away. 

Christ’s power is greater than the greatest human power. All of history is accelerating toward the moment when heaven will proclaim that He is the last Adam. There is a moment we are waiting for, and by God’s design all history waits for it as well. 

Since that is the case, let us not keep our eyes fixed on the things of this world. God is directing us to look to a future moment when heaven announces to earth the triumph of the last Adam. Our eyes should turn there. And we should turn the eyes of our people there. 

2. It Is As If the Father Is Waiting for This Moment (7:9–12)

This moment isn’t about us. It is about our God.

This is a moment that defines time, that defines holiness, that defines wisdom, that defines judgment. This is the moment that fulfills earth and its history. It fulfills all of heaven and its hosts. Everything about God and everything around God is poised for this moment. God Himself is the focal point of this moment. He is the final judge of all.

God defeats evil and subjects it to eternal condemnation so that it will eternally give glory to God and His righteousness. This moment was designed to strip everyone of any semblance of power might and authority, so that the Lord Jesus Christ alone would possess them. This is the moment the Father is waiting for because this is the moment that He gives His Son everything that He deserves. In this moment, everything will be reconfigured. Everything will revolve around the Son. That is the moment when truth triumphs. 

When we are discouraged and struggle to persevere, we must remind ourselves that this is not the way it ends. There is a moment we are waiting for—a moment when all the world is made right. A moment when everything is reconfigured around the Son of God. And in that moment, everything we’ve been waiting for, everything we’ve preached will come to pass. And in the mercy of God, He will use it to honor the Son that He loves. At that moment we will know it is absolutely worth it because He has always been worth it. 

3. This Is the Moment for Christ (7:13–14)

Christ is the one who surpasses and transcends all things because He is the only one who can be the final Adam. He has the right and the destiny of this world. 

Christ is the exalted Lord of heaven and earth. He is equal to God. He has impenetrable, glory, holiness, and greatness. All victory all worship, and all people belong to Him, and they belong to Him forever. With Christ, we will have an everlasting reality that celebrates Him for forever, because His kingdom endures forever.

Heaven has posed a question to earth: Who is worthy? For all of history, earth has been on a search for this individual. In the end, heaven will declare the answer: the Lord Jesus Christ is the only one who is worthy.

Because we love the Lord Jesus Christ, we love this moment. Truth triumphs in Christ alone, so we preach Christ.


All of the Bible points to this same moment. All of the people of God are waiting for this moment. If you ever get disillusioned and discouraged, remember that there is a moment we are all waiting for. It is absolutely worthwhile because it is for God’s Son. If you are distracted and thinking only about yourself, remember that there is only one who will be declared worthy. That is where we fix our eyes. That is the secret of perseverance. 

Truth triumphs. May it be that we persevere and endure faithfully to the end because we are waiting for this moment.